Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vittorio Ghinassi, advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, in Italy

Sven Aerts, advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity

Cham and Flemish People Peace Factor

Ah, Shefki. Ok, how are you. How is your English actually?
I've read all links about you. I understand now who you are and what you mean to your people both Albanian and Cham. My grand-father played a somewhat similar role. If you would go on wikipedia and read the history of Belgium / Flanders, you will see that the people living around these natural entrances to Europe via the rivers Schelde and the river Rijn, were always very rich. At some points, we were in controll of ourselves, at some points we were at the edge of big empires (Spain, France, Austrian-Habsburg) who sometimes cared or not about us, and at some points we were buffer zones between other big nations (English Tribes, Germanic tribes and Latin tribes). Our top centuries were the middle ages from 700 till 1700, and from 1700 till 1975 the Flemish people just not liberated from first the Spanish, then a couple of decennies later, just not from the the French "Sun King" Louis XIV, his troops were stopped at what is now the Netherlands (who speak our language), we were still occupied. The liberation army of the Netherlands prevented the Spanish and French to allow goods to come in via the Scheld river and Antwerp, hoping to force them to abandon us - their occupied brothers. Times were terrible. Part of our elite was then bribed by the occupying french "Sun King" Louix XIV, who used his arms to fight off first the Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité armies, later on the Napoleon liberation armies of the people. We couldn't speak our Flemish language anymore. We were put in impoverishment. We were made to belief our language was "stupid" and would never allow "advanced learning". All universities were transformed to be given in French language. A francification started ... the underground movement has been fighting ever since an uphill battle. All Flemish have the stories at home of abuse. At the court many were falsely accused because the court was in french and the citizens' didn't understand because they spoke flemish and were denied education, only slavery/labor. Slowly, the Flemish regained control in the capital centers as the "Franskiljons" = flemish and Wallonians that collaborated with the french occupying forces and then betrayed the "solar king" and obtained a piece of the cake for themselves, i.e. Belgium". They managed to obtain the opening from the sea to the harbor from the Netherlands. The economy revived. The flemish slowly grew in strength from the crumbs that fell of the table. And thanks to the economy becoming more and more global, forces grew back. A language frontier was negotiated (unfair, but better than nothing). We had to accept a complete francification of Broekzele, what you now know as 'Bruxelles - Brussels". In 1700, 95% of the poeple spoke Flemish. 2011, 5% speak Flemish, the rest however don't speak french as the Walloons and Franskiljons want you to believe, but English or Arabic and French too. We have a lot in common with the Cham. The First and second World War were fought mainly on our shores with horrible casualties at the Flemish side who were used as "canon-meat". Some Flemish collaborated indeed with the Germans as we share some of our history and indeed our langauge is very similar with South Germans = Neder-Dietsch. We understand each other. Even "Hoch-Deutsch" is quite easy for us to understand. Of course there are many hero-stories as well where Flemish helped jews to escape and tipple over the nazi's. Example: the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were made from Belgian Uranium that was as an ore still in a boat in the Antwerp harbor an brought back to the USA secretly and heavily patrolled. The jews decided to regroup back to Antwerp, which as you know is the top capital for diamonds. Of course the Walloons and Franskiljons keep on insisting we are racists and extremists because of the few that made the mistake to join the nazis. 2 wrongs of course don't make 1 right. The Walloons are completely misguided by the franskiljons around the king who they push forward like a puppet to amuse the people and keep them dreaming of "knights, princes, princesses" that will come and ask them to marry them one day and then heaven will reveal itself to them... at a cost of 2.800.000 €/year of royal dotation. Not bad hey, Shefky? All this resulting in a stalemate: we're now for over 280 days without a government because the Wallonians and Franskiljons don't want to implement some changes in the laws as they have been condemned to by the court. The franskiljons claim this is food for "negotiations", the flemish claim: no, you're condemned, you have to just implement what're you're condemned for, you don't need to hope/ask for anything in exchange. First you implement our language rights, then we can negotiate. The condamnation is for the following: the Wallonians and franskiljons have settled in the flemish part near brussels by the thousands and now they "democratically" decide that all documents etc. must be in french language AND they are allowed to vote from flanders into Brussels to vote for their Franskiljon representatives. it would be as if 100.000 Germans decide some region in Macedionia is a nice holiday place or to grow old. They buy-up all the land around a little village and then democratically elect a german major and democratically decide the official language will be germand and with majoraty of the votes decide to have all the local papers in german and because they pay the taxes, you have to pay for the translations ... of course! Stay tuned on how this will unfold. Fortunately we have Europe, the Europe of the Peoples = Comittee of the regions. Maybe both our peoples can help each other. We're not along: the bask, the Scottish, the Acquitaines, the Alzaciens, etc. are with us. Now, I'm based in Brussels, next to all these Eu Parliament, Comission, Comittee of the Regions. I'm bringing my Albanian team there. I'd like to introduce them to you. But as they have been deracinated, they are weak. It will take another generation to surmount. I need your help to reinforce my Albanian team both here in Brussels as in Albania. This Kyoto Protocol is a very powerfull weapon in the hands of the people, Shefky: it brings back into the hands of the people, the power to print money. As J.P. Morgan put it : "All I care for is to get controll over the printing presses of the money of a country and the pump to insert or suck-up money of a people, and I don't care who is in power in that country." We need a gender balanced team where both intelligent young men and woman reinforce each other and de-mine the roads for each other. Where the young men cannot access, the young woman will find a way to by-pass. And visa versa. Therefore, put me in contact with your assistant, this will facilitate and speed-up the collaboration.
Sincerely yours,

Low Carbon Economy Leadership Developer,
Advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity